The Cornfield – Inside the Action at Antietam’s Bloody Turning Point

By David A. Welker

MHN Article SnipWith my book on Antietam’s Cornfield finally published, click here for a brief taste of some of the big themes it discusses: “The Cornfield – Inside the Action at Antietam’s Bloody Turning Point”

And if you’d like a preview to read a few pages, here’s another link you can click on to do that: The Cornfield “Take a Look!”




CoverIf you’d like to read some of the many details, personal accounts, exciting battle stories, and learn more about how events in Antietam’s Cornfield occurred, click here to order a copy from my publisher or go to The Cornfield at Casemate Publishers

I hope you enjoy this taste of The Cornfield!  As always, please don’t hesitate to email me with questions about this article or anything in my book.

Coming soon: “Tigers in the Cornfield: Hays’ Louisiana Brigade at Antietam!”



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